Business Finance & Investment Banking

Business finance deals with financial and investment decisions and strategies for earning, saving and investing revenues. Investment banking involves, above all, helping customers raise capital and facilitating mergers, acquisitions, and other business reorganizations.

Severny Capital’s business finance and investment banking advisory services arm helps small and medium-sized enterprises create and employ data and analytics to enhance decision-making, finance growth, achieve liquidity, or support a strong sell-side position:

  • Set up financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting systems
  • Read, understand and use financial statements as tools for decision-making
  • Develop strategies to manage free cash flow or finance shortage of cash
  • Raise capital – equity and debt – to support expansion
  • Refinance existing debt and/or secure bridge finance
  • Sell your business to a financial investor or strategic player

Small-to-mid-size businesses usually seek our help in raising equity and debt capital to support growth. We get your business investor-ready at a fraction of the cost and time of trying to do it yourself.

We also help business owners to invest excess liquidity created by profitable operations, sale of minority interest, or complete exit from a business. Check out our Wealth Management Advisory page.

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