Citizenship by Investment

Severny Capital is an international advisory group of companies headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Citizenship by investment is a process whereby an individual can make an investment in a country and get citizenship and a passport in exchange. The majority of economic citizenship investors come from emerging market economies like China, Russia, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and various countries in the Middle East. However, there is a growing demand for economic citizenship in the developed world as well.

Residency by investment is not the same as citizenship by investment. Numerous countries will grant residence to those who invest money in their country, but they do not guarantee that the resident will obtain citizenship because of that donation.

There are many reasons to get citizenship for investment, for instance:

  • Tax planning
  • Travel planning
  • Education planning
  • Back up plan to achieve peace of mind
  • Business reasons
  • and many others

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