Export-Import Support

Severny Capital, an independent financial advisory and business facilitation group head-quartered in Moscow, Russia, promotes international commerce by helping importers and exporters expand into new markets.

If you are importer looking for low-cost high-quality direct materials, raw materials, semi-finished machined parts or assembled units, or seeking to optimize your existing supply chain, we are here to help you:

  • We provide effective procurement solutions by sourcing relatively low-priced and premium-quality supply out of Russia and CEE
  • We negotiate most competitive delivery and payment terms with your supply chain partners
  • We identify ultimately low-cost suppliers in other emerging market countries if necessary

If you are exporter looking to expand into new market and get involved with trustworthy local import businesses, let us take care of things:

  • We will assist in identifying prospective and reliable importers of your product in Russia or in emerging markets
  • We will make sure your sales agreements include best possible delivery and payment terms
  • We can help finding structured finance solutions and short and medium-term funding for your exports if necessary

We have the capacity to be your business representative in Russia as our platform covers all business stages from market entry consultation to business development, in addition to ongoing operational and logistical support. What some call difficult, we call doing it right.

Schedule your free initial consultation call via the contact form to talk about your situation and hear more about our services to see if we are a good fit. Please make sure to leave the best phone number to reach you and Skype ID (if meeting via Skype), and date and time interval that work for you. We will call you or skype you at our scheduled time. Book free consultation