Integrated Advice to Women

Severny Capital is an independent international financial advisor and business facilitator headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Today men’s and women’s traditional social roles continue to blur. Women in Russia represent a powerful class of investors and entrepreneurs. They seek same level of financial confidence as men. Yet women continue to face specific financial challenges such as:

  • Women generally earn less than men
  • Women take career breaks caused by maternity leaves
  • Women live longer and need more cash for senior age
  • Women need a cushion of money in case of marital issues
  • and other matters making women put greater effort into achieving financial stability and independence.

This being the case, the importance of building sustainable wealth holds especially true of women.

Severny Capital is committed to helping women address their common financial needs and employ their strengths to the best advantage. Our wealth management, business finance & investments banking and import-export advisors provide comprehensive consulting support to our female clients.

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