Online Fee-Only Advisor

Severny Capital is an independent international financial advisor to individuals and companies. We operate as a group of companies headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Our value-driven business units strive to provide excellent services at lower prices. To get there, they rigorously cut overhead and pass on their savings to the clients. For example, we don’t get involved with expensive advertising campaigns and achieve publicity through organic word-of-mouth. We cut out middlemen and buy direct. All affiliates share a single back office and call center located in an inexpensive area.

More importantly, we work with clients online as much as possible – and thanks to modern technologies we can provide a level of personalized service and advice that has traditionally been available only through face-to-face contact via phone, instant messaging and video chat. This strategy dramatically reduces the cost and time involved in a consulting project, expands our geographical reach and allows for serving our Russian and foreign clientele flexible hours. We’ve found that our busy Russian and international clients are comfortable with the “online set up” and appreciate the flexibility and time-saving convenience it provides.

That being said, we are redesigning advisory services to the benefit of our clients worldwide. Severny Capital is fee-only advisor and our fee structure is the most competitive in the market. We’re passionate about our work and intensely focused on performing at the highest levels.

Schedule your free initial consultation call via the contact form to talk about your situation and hear more about our services to see if we are a good fit. Please make sure to leave the best phone number to reach you and Skype ID (if meeting via Skype), and date and time interval that work for you. We will call you or skype you at our scheduled time. Book free consultation